Medjugorje Wall Clock

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This gorgeous wall clock features a painting of St. James Church by Italian artist Gianfranco Vianello, with the statue of Our Lady in the foreground.

You'll love this clock for its beauty but also its silence... It's a non-ticking clock, so it won't disturb you, day or night.

Here's an idea: Set this clock on Medjugorje time and always be ready to pray during apparition time!

The clock features a sweeping mechanism with precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time.

The face of the clack is protected by special glass with high permeability to keep dust away from the hardware, and making it simple to clean.

The clock features a bell frame with light piano paint, and it's super easyto hang with the included hook.

Uses 1 AA battery (not included).


Wall Clock Sizes

clock size



Movement Young Town mute movement
Power 1 ‘AA’ battery
Shell Thick aluminum magnesium alloy
Rear Bells Environmentally synthetic polyester
Glass surface High light transmission instrument glass
Frame Metal spray
Item weight 10inch/0.6kg; 12inch/1.0kg; 14inch/1.5kg
Shipping weight 10inch/1.0kg; 12inch/1.5kg; 14inch/2.0kg