About Us

Stella Mar Films was founded with the goal of producing powerful, life-changing films.Stella Mar Films

We like to think that our target audience is not comprised of people but hearts. We’ve seen firsthand how films have the power to touch people at the deepest level and help make the world a brighter, better place.

Stella Mar Films takes its name from a combination of Latin and Spanish for Star of the Sea, the title given to the Virgin Mary by ancient mariners who sought her protection during storms and perilous voyages.

As an independent production company, Stella Mar operates outside of the studio-based film industry—and that’s right where we want to be. Staying true to our values and telling stories the way we feel they should be told is part of our overall mission.

We think of filmmaking as something more than just capturing and presenting a series of pretty visuals; our focus in every project is storytelling, whether it’s one of our feature films or a client project. Of course, with our state-of-the-art camera equipment, we strive to provide stunning visuals as well.

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