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Bring Fr. Rene's story to the world

Fr. Rene Robert devoted his life to those in need, but he was killed by someone he tried to help—someone he called a friend. Prosecutors pushed for the death penalty after 28-year-old Stephen Murray confessed to the crime, but nothing could stop Fr. Rene from fighting for what he believed in—not even death.

Stella Mar Films documented this powerful true story for two years. The film is complete, but our budget has run out and we have no funds to promote the film and get it into more theaters. Please help us spread Where There is Darkness by contributing here. Read the full story and watch the trailer.

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The free gifts and donation amounts to receive them are:



Prayer Card Set - $10

Get a Fr. Rene Prayer Card and a St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Card custom-made by Stella Mar Films, just like the ones we bring with us on every film shoot. The first card features a homily by Fr. Rene on the back while the St. Francis Prayer Card has the St. Francis Peace Prayer on the back. Why St. Francis? Well, not only did Fr. Rene begin religious life as a Franciscan brother, but he also lived like St. Francis in many ways. Our film has many connections to St. Francis, including the title, Where There Is Darkness, which comes from the St. Francis Peace Prayer!


Small San Damiano Crucifix - $25

Get a San Damiano Crucifix when you donate at this level. This small crucifix, well-known from the St. Francis of Assisi story, was imported from Italy.


St. Francis of Assisi Medal - $35

This Sterling Silver-plated St. Francis Medal, made in the USA, will come to you as a free gift for your donation at this level. The medal comes on a custom Where There Is Darkness card. Plus, along with a thank-you letter, we'll also send you a Fr Rene prayer card and St. Francis prayer card.


St. Francis Tau Bundle - $45

This Tau Bundle is a combo pack of St. Francis themed items including a wooden Tau Cross like the ones often worn by Franciscans, including Fr. Rene. We will also include a St. Francis novena prayer booklet, a prayer card with a short biography of St. Francis, and a miniature 1.5-inch statue of St. Francis with a prayer card.


Let Me Bring Pardon - $55

The Stella Mar Shwag Set is the gift at this level. It includes a pair of custom Stella Mar sunglasses, LED flashlight keychain, and lanyard. Plus, we'll give you exclusive access to our Behind-The-Scenes Gallery with over 100 photos, and send you the Prayer Card Set with a Fr. Rene prayer card and St. Francis prayer card, both made by Stella Mar Films.


Brother Wolf - $59

The original Brother Wolf St. Francis Tote Bag designed by filmmaker Cimela Kidonakis is our gift to donors at this leve. Plus, we'll give you exclusive access to our Behind-The-Scenes Gallery with over 100 photos, and send you the Prayer Card Set with a Fr. Rene prayer card and St. Francis prayer card, both made by Stella Mar Films.



Brother Of All Bundle - $65

St. Francis was known as the brother of all living creatures. This St. Francis perk pack includes a 9-inch hanging St. Francis plaque and a 4-inch hand painted, resin statue of St. Francis. We will also send a St. Francis biography/prayer card and a St. Francis novena prayer booklet.


Stigmata Bundle - $75

Includes a framed fresco of St. Francis featuring his stigmata. Donors who choose this Stigmata Bundle also get a St. Francis novena prayer booklet and a miniature 1.5-inch St. Francis statue with a prayer card.



St. Francis Plaque - $300

Get a 6x9-inch St. Francis pewter-style plaque with gold highlights. Also includes access to our Behind The Scenes Gallery.



Special Thanks in Credits - $500

Your name will be shown in the film's credits under Special Thanks when you donate at this level! Or you can make your donation in someone else's honor and we'll list their name.



Pre-Release DVD and T-Shirt Pack - $500

Be first to own Where There Is Darkness on DVD before the official DVD release (after the film is in theaters). Donors who choose this perk also immediately get four official T-Shirts from the film. Please note your preferred T-Shirt sizes in the comments box at checkout. Plus, we'll add your name to the film's credits under Special Thanks (if you wish!).



St. Francis and Animals Statue - $650

This 8.5-inch bronze St. Francis with Animals statue from importer Goldscheider of Vienna is our gift to you when you donate at this level. Plus, we'll give you access to our Behind The Scenes Gallery.



Sponsor A Screening - $3500

Donors at this level can choose any city or town in which they'd like us to show Where There Is Darkness. Our screening team will do everything else: rent the theater, schedule the screening, promote the screening, and supply movie posters, tickets, and the film to the theater. This donation covers everything. Donate at this level and the screening WILL happen on whichever date you prefer.



Be The Light Package - $9500

Our ultimate donor package includes an unlimited screening license to show the film in a theater/town of your choice as many times as you want to! You get to keep the profits or donate them to a charity of your choice. Our team will send you movie posters, souvenir tickets, and more, plus we'll work with the theater to get them the files they need to show the film. In addition, our Be The Light Package also includes a guest appearance by the filmmakers at one or more of your screenings, and we'll add your name to the credits as an Associate Producer.



Executive Producer Credit - $45,000

Only one available! By supporting the film at this level, we'll give you Executive Producer credit in the film! So, you'll instantly be an "award-winning producer" because the movie has won so many awards.