Apparition Hill 2-Disc Set Distributor Pack - 50 Units

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ENTERTAIN + EVANGELIZE + EARN MONEY! We need your help to get Apparition Hill seen by everyone.

Our Distributor Pack includes 50 Apparition Hill 2-Disc DVD Sets at the lowest possible distributor's price, plus:

  • 1 Apparition Hill T-Shirt (choose size below)
  • 10 Mini-Posters
  • 1 pair of Stella Mar Films sunglasses
  • 1 official Stella Mar Films lanyard
  • Permission to host private showings in any home for as many people as you want

A distributor earns money by purchasing a product at a bulk discount and reselling it to retailers or individuals. As an Apparition Hill Distributor, you can: 

  • Resell to individuals at the discount retail price ($23.95) and make $659!
  • Resell to friends and family at a discounted price ($20) and make $461.50!
  • Resell to bookstores and resellers at the wholesale price (40% off) and make $180!

For example, as a distributor you can help this powerful film get seen by:

  • Visiting local stores and asking them to carry the DVD
  • Setting up a table to sell DVDs at parishes and community events
  • Inviting people over to watch the film and offering the DVD for sale

The Distributor Pack price also includes Free Economy Shipping.

BONUS: Add 5 or more Apparition Hill Blu-Rays at the 55% Off distributor price below. Studies show that 10% of film sales are for Blu-Rays.

FILM SYNOPSIS: Seven strangers journey to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to investigate reports of miracles. Join them as they search for answers to life’s big questions on APPARITION HILL. Learn more.