The Triumph - Screening License

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The Triumph Screening License

Purchasing this screening license entitles you to screen the film one time in a public space such as a church, cinema, community center, auditorium or otherwise.

The screening can be free to the public, or you can sell tickets and keep or donate the proceeds. The license is valid immediately upon purchase online and does not expire until after you host your screening.

Add Screening Extras

Purchase additional screening licenses here at half price to screen the film for more than one showing.

Enhance your screening by adding The Triumph movie posters, The Triumph souvenir movie ticket, and The Triumph bracelets at big discounts just for you.

You can also add The Triumph DVDs at less-than-wholesale prices here when you place your order. You may want to buy one for your screening, and/or buy more to sell at your screening for additional profits/donations to a good cause.

About The Film

The Triumph, a powerful documentary about Medjugorje, investigates the greatest supernatural mystery of the modern world.

Six people from Medjugorje, a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina, claim that the Virgin Mary has been appearing to them since 1981. Reports of unexplained phenomena abound.

When a skeptical young man named Ben journeys to Medjugorje seeking answers to life's biggest questions, he discovers something that will change the course of his life forever—and impact every person on the planet. Watch the trailer:



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