Best Documentary award for Where There is Darkness

Stella Mar Films is excited to announce that its newest feature, Where There Is Darkness, has won the awards for both best documentary and best director in the Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival. Winners were announced on November 18, 2018 at the film festival's conclusion by a panel of judges including industry representatives.

"We're humbled and awed at the power of Fr. Rene's story to transcend cultural divides," said Cimela Kidonakis, who co-directed the film with Sean Bloomfield. "It's a really fitting testament to his legacy. On earth he walked with those who weren't necessarily grounded in faith and in death he is reaching out to the secular world. It's amazing."

Where There is Darkness was recently selected by other film festivals, giving it a chance to win even more awards. These festivals include the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards, the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland, and the Snowdance Film Festival in Munich, Germany.

The award-winning filmmakers are now making themselves available to present special screenings of the film prior to a broader theatrical release anticipated for 2019.

Select, private screenings for the film have already taken place in St. Augustine, FL, Visalia, CA, Hamilton, UK, and are slated next for Houston and Dallas.

"Bringing this message to a local community has a profound impact on the dialogue around the death penalty, redemption, and healing," noted Sean Bloomfield. "The film's journey and the revelation around how these characters all came together was so fascinating. I'm just thrilled we were able to capture it in a way that really highlights the dignity of people that's sometimes overlooked."







We Won! We Won!

Now that it's over, we're exciteStella Mard to announce that Where There Is Darkness, the newest feature from Stella Mar Films has won the awards for both best director and best documentary in Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival (LACHFF).

It's a major achievement for a faith-based documentary to compete in a secular forum and the recognition shows that audiences are hungry for works that inspire the soul and showcase truth, beauty, and goodness, even in the context of horrific circumstances.

It was an incredibly humbling and privileged experience for Stella Mar's Jessi Hannapel to accept the award on behalf of the team. 

Fr. Rene RobertWe are now making the film available for select private screenings just as we did with Apparition Hill. So, far, audiences in St. Augustine, FL, Visalia, CA, and Hamilton, UK have loved the film. We're also really excited to bringing the film to Houston and Dallas in the coming weeks.

You can screen the film in your own local community through the same grassroots partnership program we've used with other features. Click here to bring the film to your community or contact our screening director at 617-212-1302.




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