Medjugorje a prophetic place of prayer, says Vatican envoy

Medjugorje Vatican

Speaking to the Polish Press Agency today, Mons. Henryk Hoserwho, on Thursday, was appointed by Pope Francis as a special Apostolic Visitor at the parish of Medjugorjecalled the famous site of Marian apparitions "a prophetic and charismatic place of prayer for world peace."

Henryk Hoser retired as Archbishop of Warsaw-Prague last Decemberas is customary for bishops when they turn 75 years oldshortly after completing his mission as papal envoy to Medjugorje.

During his first mission to Medjugorje, Archbishop Hoser was tasked by Pope Francis to assess the pastoral needs there. Just before he left Medjugorje, Hoser praised the spiritual fruits of the parish when he celebrated Mass in St. James Church, and he continued to proclaim his positive impressions through the media after his departure.

Mons. Hoser's new appointment is the "second stage" of his mission from the pope.

"Pilgrims from all over the world come to Medjugorje every year, about 2.5 million people each year," said Mons. Hoser. "And now my task will be to help the local priests in all improvements and changes that will help pilgrims live spiritually in Medjugorje, and in better conditions."

Medjugorje, Hoser remarked, is becoming one of the most important pilgrimage places in the world.

"Our Lady is venerated there," he said, "dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Peace, and we know how much peace is threatened in the world today."

When asked about the pastoral needs he hoped to address in Medjugorje, he listed several. The most important one, said Hoser, was "an increase in the number of confessors, especially foreign-language ones. Medjugorje is a phenomenon of mass confessionthere are 50 confessionals, and still not enough, and above all, there are too few confessors.

He also noted that Medjugorje's infrastructure needed to be expanded. "It is necessary to ensure that the liturgical space is larger. There is a small parish church, nothing more - there is no bigger place of worship."

Mons. Hoser even identified a need to expand accommodation for pilgrims. "There are small hotels run by people who live there, but all this is inadequate."

Interestingly, there are an estimated 40,000 hotel beds in Medjugorje already, and most hotels in Medjugorje are not full aside from a few weeks out of each year. Could it be that Mons. Hoser is preparing Medjugorje for a massive influx of pilgrims?

Time will tell; Mons. Hoser takes up his new post next month.


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  • Teresa Lloyd

    I love all things about Medjugojie, been there three times

  • Perla Luetic

    It is very interesting to read the different stories experience by people visiting the
    apparition area. I wish one day to be there. My husband is Croatian but I am Filipino.

  • Perla Luetic

    It is very interesting to read the different stories experience by people visiting the
    apparition area. I wish one day to be there. My husband is Croatian but I am Filipino.

  • Nikki Ramey

    Gerry McDonnell, your comment was beautiful!
    I have not been to Medjugorje but would love to come.
    Some of my family and friends have gone in the early days.
    I have dirt from Medjugorie, rosaries, medals, but it is only when I saw a billboard did I look deeper into Our Lady’s messages. Before I was busy raising kids, of course in my Catholic faith and Catholic schooling.
    I didn’ t Know the billboard of Our Lady was connected to Medjugorie.
    I was just intrigued that her picture was on the billboard!
    I went on the site and was amazed.
    I have never left! I am a field angel and have been for a while.
    I am so sorry I didn’t dive deeper when her apportions were presented to me in the early ‘90s. But maybe God knew I wasn’t ready.
    I too am troubled by Mons. Hoser’s
    Idea of “more”. Not ever having been to Medjugorie, what attracts me most is the simplicity . I too will be praying for God’s work in this decision and that only truth be revealed in this situation.
    Maybe Friend of Medjugorie will shed some light on this for us, if God wills it.
    Gerry, my heart hurts for your country. Only prayer can help.
    Stay steadfast for your country.
    God Bless Medjugorie.
    Nikki Ramey

  • Annie Dierx

    My first time to Medj was in 1989.not believing I would ever be able to return and most of all taking a group of pilgrims into Bosnia for the very first time in 1990. The time was right as 3 weeks before leaving Bosnia opened it;s doors to S. A. paspoort holders. That was a miracle on its own. I travel on a Dutch Paspoort so there was no problem for me.
    I just got back a week ago 10th June 2018 from Medj with 26 pilgrims including 3 priests. . Never ever dreamt it was my 27th time with groups. Medj has become my 2’nd home . Many priests and 1 bishop(Gerard Ndlovu) were on the pilgrimage of Grace. Amazing what our Blessed Mother has done for me and the pilgrims. Greetings to you all. God bless!!!

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