Full interview with Meghan in Medjugorje

As we previously reported in our post MIRJANA SENDS WORDS OF LOVE TO MEGHAN'S MOTHER, we're now releasing our full interview with Meghan which we conducted after she experienced being next to Mirjana during the apparition.

You can also see the original report of her experience in our earlier post YOUNG WOMAN REKINDLES FAITH IN MEDJUGORJE. Watch the full video of her interview now here.







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  • Cesar Duarte

    Very sad to learn that Meghan has passed. God and Our Blessed Mother be with you for ever.

  • eileen spinelli

    My deepest condolences to Meghan’s mother, family & friends, surely she was so loved and will be missed. I remember watching Mirjana’s October 2,2018 apparition with Our Blessed Mother and was drawn towards the beautiful woman beside her, clearly so moved and overwhelmed during that most special moment in time. I eventually learned of Meghan & her story. Out of the blue this past weekend she came to my mind and I watched her testimony. I wanted to forward the video to my daughter who is going through a trying time and I thought how perfect for Catie to witness this lovely young woman’s faith journey. At the end and to my surprise and sadness I saw “in Memory of Meghan.” How blessed am to have known this sweet young woman in this unique way. I can’t help imagine Meghan’s beautiful face gazing lovingly,
    just like Mirjana at Our Blessed Mother, who will guide her to Jesus so she will be embraced in His Loving Arms. No pain, tears, suffering. Only Peace, joy and Heavenly Rest. Sleep in sweet peace Meghan. God Bless you.

  • Janice Watkins

    Rest in everlasting peace , through the faith of her mother and the peace of Medjugotje , this young lady found her peace and her joy and the hope to be in the arms of Mary And Jesus .she. Was given the peace of trust from God the father that she was going to heaven and from this video it’s so easy to see she’s not afraid she knows she’s going to heaven .
    Amen Rest In Peace .

  • Sister MARIA Magdalena, CSSF

    My deepest sympathy to the family for the passing of their beloved Meghan. A brave courageous young woman who must be with her dear Saviour and seeing His Blessed Mother face to face. Eternal rest, dear Meghan, pray for us.

  • John Courtney

    I am so sorry to hear Meghan passed away, such a beautiful inspiring girl, I cried watching Meghan’s full interview, my thoughts and prayers are with her mother and family. I have been visiting Medjugorie for the past five years and hope to return again this year in September, so true Meghan said in her interview, it is a calling from Our Lady to visit Medjugorie. There are no words to describe how Special Medjugorie is and the peace it brings one. I was also very lucky to have been so close to Mirjana during her apparition on the 2nd September 2018, a beautiful tranquil experience. Thank You Medjugorie and God bless Meghan.

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