Bring Where There Is Darkness to your town

Where There Is Darkness


Spread love + Change lives + Raise funds

Bring this powerful story of mercy to your town!

It can only happen with your help.

Hosting a screening is a proven fundraiser for charities, ministries and parishes. Or, keep the profits… it’s up to you!

Not only is it a fulfilling experience to bring a faith-based movie like this to your community, and to see the reactions in the faces of the audience... It's also easier than most people realize.

We've devoted two years of our lives to this project, and now we want you to use our movie... Use it to bring mercy, love, and hope to your community!




The audience was stunned and moved at the first Sneak Peak showing of Where There Is Darkness last week in St. Augustine, Florida.

And so were we!

Many of the people featured in the movie were in the audience that night.

Fr. Rene's sister was there.

Steven Murray's sisters were, too.

Even the detectives who helped bring Steven Murray to justice for murdering the beloved Catholic priest were there.

We wondered if it would be too difficult for all of these people from different sides of the case to be in the same room together.
But after the movie ended, Fr. Rene's sister embraced Steven's sisters in a gesture of love and forgiveness that brought tears to our eyes.

We realized something at that moment...

This isn't just a movie about mercy. It also creates mercy.

And judging by responses from other audience members, the movie can inspire anyone to forgive and, in turn, help them heal from past wounds, which is why Jesus said, "Blessed are the merciful."

See the video below to SEE what we experienced.

With word quickly spreading about Where There Is Darkness, now is the time to bring the film to a cinema near you.

Anyone can host a screening, and our team is here to help you every step of the way. Learn more at our website.

Thank you and God bless!

- The Stella Mar Films team

PS: Please watch our video below!





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