Medjugorje Movie+Music+Medal Gift Pack

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LIMITED TIME DEAL: Our Medjugorje Movie+Music+Medal Gift Pack includes all of the following favorites for one low price:

Apparition Hill 2-Disc DVD/Blu-Ray Set - up to a $36.95 value

Apparition Hill Soundtrack CD - a $25 retail value

Bonus gift: 2 X Miraculous Medals from Medjugorje

Learn more about Apparition Hill, our award-winning documentary film about Medjugorje, and learn more about the beautiful soundtrack CD featuring music by Michael Nolan.

Our team brought the medals to one of Mirjana's apparitions in Medjugorje where there were blessed during the apparition and by priests afterwards.

Save over $40 off retail with this gift pack.

Limit: 3 gift packs per order.